Heidi Walkley

Head of Contracts and Supplier Management, Community Facilities, Operations Division, Auckland Council

Heidi has been working in Local Government asset based services for the past 15 years. Her background is in law where she was a solicitor in both the private sector and then Auckland Council. From there she moved to leadership positions within the Property Department of both Auckland City Council and Auckland Council with a focus on facilities services contracts and operational management.

Her current role has her overseeing a contract management specialist team tasked with managing all service based contracts for Auckland Council’s parks and buildings, including audit and sustainability functions to support this.

As part of Project 17 Heidi has a key role in procuring the largest operational contracts in Australasian local government. Through this she believes we have an opportunity and obligation to strongly promote social and environmental objectives, allowing Auckland Council to utilise its size and scale to deliver better community outcomes.